About us

Ivolvement B.V. was founded in January 2006 and has extensive experience in cash logistic operations. Ivolvement’s founding partner is Ivo Lovricevic.

Ivo Lovricevic (1963) is a highly involved project manager with broad skills. In addition to managing different business departments, he has extensive experience in designing and implementing logistic and administrative business processes. In 2000 he was asked to be the Euro changeover project manager for a large CIT company in the Netherlands. After fulfilling this enormous task with very good results, for different cash logistic operators he (re-)designed a range of cash logistic processes (Cash Centre, ATM as well as Cash in Transit) into modern and efficient business elements resulting in extensive cost savings and substantial margin improvements.

His approach is characterized by a clear and structural way of working, developing and implementing solid solutions for complex problems. The solutions are directed by simplicity and the balance between quality and efficiency of the end result.

Thanks to many years of experience in all value logistic disciplines and processes Ivolvement sets out with a challenging proposition, knowledge and solutions to live up to its market promise. From high level consultancy, project & implementation management to dedicated software designs: all focused on ‘Empowering Value Logistics Performance’.

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