Experience in the Cash Logistic market in different countries around the world
Ivolvement has experience in all different fields required for the Value Logistic Supply Chain:

•  Project Management for the Euro Changeover in the Netherlands
•  Designing and implementing highly efficient state of the art coin and banknote Cash Centres
•  Designing all required administrative and Cash Centre reporting and reconciliation processes.
•  Designing and implementing National Bank Cash Recycling and NTHO schemes
•  Cash clearing and reconciliation processes at Commercial Banks
•  Improving CIT planning and routing tools
•  ATM End to End process design and implementations, including maintenance and cash forecasting processes
•  Implementing centralised ATM Maintenance Service Desk
•  Development of End to End cash management solutions for ATM’s and Retailers
•  Designing software solutions for CIT, ATM and Cash Centre Processes
•  Providing interim management for Cash Centres, CIT and ATM operations