Software functionality design

Assistance in designing your required cash logistic software

Well-designed software tools support flexible processes and rigid administrative controls. Ivolvement has extensive experience in designing and implementing the required functionalities.

Any given cash logistic operation can be defined by a combination of security and operational processes with administrative control and reporting tools. These different types of processes can easily interfere or even collide with each other. Security and administrative processes often influence processing speed, flexibility and efficiency. This can lead to rigid process designs. However, rigid processing doesn’t always comply with customer demands.


360 degree process design approach
Ivolvement’s process functionality designs have proven to forcefully tackle these and many other issues known to the cash logistics market. Its 360 degree process design approach enables cash operators to:

• Design, control & support different kind of operational cash logistic processes.
• Implement secure & flexible process designs that provide process speed and prevent losses and theft.

• Monitor & provide reporting which comply with client demands.

Full implementation service
Implementation management is a part of our unique proposition. Due to our operational cash management roots we offer full support and guidance during software design and implementation phases. You will be assured that the renewed cash processing environment is fully operational and meeting the agreed demands.