Ivolvement B.V. has extensive cash logistic experience throughout different sectors, each which its own cash management challenges. Sector knowledge combined with in-depth cash logistic experience strengthens our approach. Leading organisations belong to our customer base.


Cash in Transit:
Balancing cash process requirements and operational input

Customers of cash logistic services expect:
•  Correct and in time delivery or pick up of valuables.
•  Accurate administrative process.
•  Secure handovers and storage.
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Cash Centre Operators:
Perfect balance between Cash Centre operations and control

In Cash Centres the right balance of operational and administrative processes is of extreme importance.
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Insourcing or Outsourcing cash operations

In different markets, commercial banks and national banks
(or reserve banks) are looking for the most efficient solutions for distributing cash.
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Cash remains vital in purchasing behaviour

At retailers, cash often generates the highest risks for fraud and theft. Furthermore, the use of cash is perceived as being expensive:
•  Paying with cash and providing change to customers takes
•  Up a large part of the time required at check-outs.
•  Mistakes are made when change is given to the customers.
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