Cash Centre Operators

Cash Centre Operators

Cash Centre Operators: Perfect balance between operations and control
In Cash Centres the right balance of operational and administrative processes is of extreme importance. Ivolvement has extensive worldwide experience with designing and implementing best practice Cash Centre processes.

Tools and equipment
Frequently Cash Centre processes are based on tools and equipment and not on customer demands. Often the available tools are not properly designed and implemented what leads to in-efficient operational processes and poor reconciliations and reporting. Mostly, if available, the required procedures and work instructions are not properly drawn up, managed and maintained. Also operational management reports are not available, not accurate and not clear. Often the Cash Centre management and staff are not sufficiently trained.

That’s the reason why there is a high demand for Cash Centre process improvement at Central Banks, Commercial Banks and Cash Centre Operators all over the world.

Cash centre solutions
Ivolvement has designed and implemented cash centre solutions for Bank Branch, ATM and Retail cash processes whereby the specific process and customer demands where integrated with the best suitable combination of equipment & tools. We have also been highly involved in
• several NHTO and Cash Recycling schemes
• in- and outsourcing of Cash Centre operations

Everything taken in account
When designing Cash Centres, besides the required operational processes, administrative controls and the required internal and customer reporting, always aspects like building designs, Cash Centre floor plans, security control improvements and the organisational setup are taken in account.