Ivolvement B.V. is specialised in providing worldwide best practice process knowhow for Cash in Transit, ATM and Cash Centre operations. The provided services are independent of any hardware or software suppliers. With our extensive knowledge of operational value logistic processes and the required tools, Ivolvement can provide you with secure operational and administrative value logistic solutions.

Cash logistic process improvements

To meet market and management requirements Ivolvement actively assists cash operators in improving their operational and administrative cash logistic processes. Besides having extensive Cash Centres knowledge, broad experience of CIT and ATM Replenishment & Maintenance processes is offered.

Assistance in designing your required cash logistic software functionalities

Well-designed software tools support flexible processes and rigid administrative controls. Ivolvement has extensive experience in designing and implementing the required cash logistic functionalities.

Cash logistic solutions integration

For value logistic processes operational and security hard- and software solutions are required. Ivolvement has experience with integrating the required hard- and software into the designed processes. There is experience available with a large variety of equipment types and software suppliers.
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