Consultancy: Cash logistic process improvements

Cash Logistic Consultancy focus
To meet market and management requirements Ivolvement actively assists cash operators in improving their operational and administrative cash logistic processes. Besides having extensive Cash Centres knowledge, broad experience of CIT and ATM Replenishment & Maintenance processes is offered.

Cash logistic process improvements

Cash Centre as well as CIT and ATM processes always consist of operational and administrative processes. For proper designed value logistic processes a thin balance is found between flexibly fulfilling customer demands, efficient processes and rigid administrative controls. Furthermore, correct, timely and clear reporting is crucial.

Key elements operational cash processes:

• Effective: Fulfilling customer demands.
• Efficient: Profitable.
• Operational controls framework: controlling the full flow of valuables throughout the logistic process

Key aspects administrative cash processes
• Quality: Reporting in accordance with customer requirements.
• Secure: Fully integrated reconciliations and immediate discrepancy detection.
• Administrative control: Comprehensive process and customer control mechanisms


Providing knowledge and project support in the value logistic market
With its extensive value logistic experience, Ivolvement and partners can deliver the required manpower and knowledge to boost your performance. For Cash Centre as well as for CIT and ATM Replenishment & Maintenance operations, Ivolvement has proven to be successful in providing the required process improvement results.

Main project steps for value logistic improvements
In agreement with your requirements together with you Ivolvement defines a project plan that consists of different phases. These project phases are performed step by step.   A new process is only considered to be successfully implemented after the process has been operationally running for a predefined period of time and is officially accepted by the Value Logistic Operator. Therefore in the project plan always a trial period is considered in which the operator is provided with intensive process and change management supported.